5 minutes with…Karen Gill MBE, Co-Founder of everywoman

Portrait Karen Gill MBE and Maxine Benson MBE Co-Founders of everywoman

We’re back with our regular series of Q&As with friends, clients and ‘culture vultures’ we truly admire, to share what makes them tick in the colourful cultural landscape. This time, we present a special International Women’s Day edition, featuring Karen Gill MBE (left), who founded everywoman –  one of the UK’s leading experts in the advancement of women in business – with Maxine Benson MBE (right).

  • One place everyone should visit? – Tanzania
  • What’s the one thing you never leave home without? – Apart from the obvious, phone, keys etc, it would be tissues
  •  If you had to choose one dish or drink to have for the rest of your life, what would it be? – Curry and wine. Not necessarily together
  • If you relocated for a year, where would you go? – Sydney
  • What was the last film/theatre production/exhibition you saw? – Dunkirk/Amadeus at Chichester Theatre, which I don’t go enough to
  • Everyone needs to pay more attention to – Basic manners, especially when on public transport!
  • Name a book you wish you’d written – The Davinci code
  • What’s your favourite London landmark – The Shard
  • What are you looking forward to this year – A long hot summer!

Today, everywoman featured in Daily Telegraph’s “Women Mean Business” campaign for International Women’s Day 2018.

As quoted in the article, “You have to see it to be it. Role models are also an important piece of the puzzle. Karen Gill and Maxine Benson, cofounders of everywoman — an organisation which works to advance women in business — say 74 per cent of their members say access to role models has been a major source of their inspiration. “And yet women looking to start businesses have far less access to quality role models and mentors.” Read the full article here.