Should We Stay Or Should We Go?


With just two weeks to go before the most important vote of our lifetime it still appears to be an open race. Last night the CC team was at the launch of the NatWest everywoman Awards, the most highly regarded business awards programme for female entrepreneurs, in the company of business royalty including Chrissie Rucker (The White Company) and Susan Harmsworth (ESPA).

The guests – all successful entrepreneurs from across the UK – were polled on their views and, with a strong indication of the UK business community’s position, 75% voted to stay in. Only 10% believed that an exit would be beneficial for Britain, whilst – perhaps surprisingly – 15% had yet to decide.

As a small business, membership of the EU has allowed us to take on international work, benefit from funding, work with great people and collaborate with other agencies Europe-wide. It has given us the confidence to work globally and establish relationships with suppliers in four continents. Which is pretty impressive for a company founded just 6 years ago and with a head count of fewer than 10 people.

Economic security, employment safeguards, investment opportunity – all these we take for granted, but are guaranteed through our EU membership. No institution of any size is perfect and many failings of the EU have been rightly raised by the Brexit camp. But if we want to drive change, we will only do that effectively from the inside.

Now is not the time to play Russian Roulette with our future. Leaving is a leap in the dark that none of us can afford to take.

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