Experiencing the world of PR the Cultural Comms way

We recently opened our doors to Emily Hardman, a culturally-curious 6th-former preparing for A-Levels and keen to discover the wonderful world of PR.

Read about her experience at Cultural Comms….

When I arrived at the Cultural Communications office, all the members of the team instantly met me with a warm welcome. I was given an informative introduction on both the business and also what I was going to be doing during my time at Cultural Communications. It was interesting for me to see and understand the way in which the company operates together in an organised yet exciting fashion, and also to get a feel for both the type of brands they work with and what usually happens during a busy week at Cultural Communications!

My first day was about understanding an overviewing how the company works, my tasks included using Gorkana to produce a media list, wrapping luxury gifts and posting worldwide. I thoroughly enjoyed my first day in the office, as it was significantly interesting to learn how a PR agency operates.

The highlight of my second day was the Big Talk event, which I was fortunate enough to attend in the City with Kelly and Charlotte in the evening. For me, the talk was fascinating as it provided an insight into media and the news, and its relation with the PR industry. Tim Cunningham, Ronan Hughes, and Martin Frizell were all hugely interesting to listen to. With different views and opinions on the connection between news and viewers, the continuously changing technology and innovation involved with the news, the effect of social media on the news and changing public opinion, and the involvement of PR amongst the news, was all extremely compelling. The talk definitely opened my mind to the world of media and how the news works today, which I am very grateful to Charlotte and the team for allowing me to experience.


For my final day, I attended an everywoman client meeting where I was able to listen to and experience an average day-to-day meeting with one of the many clients and brands that Cultural Communications works with.  everywoman works on heightening the importance of women within business and continues to introduce gender diversity amongst many businesses and companies within the UK, including NatWest, therefore crucially helping to close the gender gap in business. Following the meeting, we headed straight to the Preview of the Masterpiece Fair in Chelsea, which has been an agency client of Cultural Communications for 8 years.

'Adam’ and ‘Eve’ by Richard Hudson, represented by Leila Heller Gallery, outside Masterpiece London 2015. Image credit Andy Barnham

On the whole, my experience with Cultural Communications has been remarkably fascinating and hugely exciting for me, and I am very grateful to the whole team for allowing me to share such an interesting experience with them. It has opened my eyes to the role of PR in business and allowed me to understand the way in which agencies like Cultural Communications works with various clients and companies, with such evident energy and passion.