Reaping the rewards of delegation


I freely admit I am a control freak. I trust and believe in my team, but too often I believe I can do something better than others and I interfere more than I should. So taking four months’ maternity leave was never going to be easy.

For six years the company has been my “baby”, taking up my energy and passion whilst delivering equal portions of reward and frustration.   It has made me laugh and cry and has been a source of pride and, at times, despair.

Last December I found myself forced to hand over the reins to my partner who tolerates my need for control admirably, whilst pointing out tactfully that I am not always right. We have a really strong relationship centred around a mutual passion for the business and an ability to laugh at almost everything.   I trust and respect her more than she probably realises.

To see a member of one’s team flourish and thrive, at whatever level they may be, has to be one of the most rewarding elements of business. I never set up a business for the money – financial reward has its place, but it is not the be all and end all. I launched an agency because I was passionate about what I do and I believed I could build a team that did it better than others. To see that team flourish and grow has been a greater reward than any payday. In just four months every one of them has raised their game proving, not just to me, but more importantly to themselves that they are capable of better.

To return to a thriving business and a brilliant, motivated and happy team is surely to goal of any business owner who takes time out. The challenge now is to adapt to my new role as a working mother and learn how I can do my very best for both my babies.